Post-sales service


After acquiring property, due to lack of knowledge of the language, owners are faced with the issue of renewing utility bills. As a rule, we help in this matter, completely free of charge.

There are cases when the new owner decides to carry out repairs, purchase furniture or household appliances. We are ready to help you here as well, you can purchase everything at reasonable prices from our partners.

If necessary, our partners will help you with obtaining a residence permit (hereinafter - residence permit). To do this, you can write on the vac and / or call.

Our partner is a highly qualified sworn notary translator who can provide the following services:

- Notary Services;

- Translation services (sworn translator);
- Translator in the courts;
- Translation and certification of all types of documents;
- Translator in the Chamber of Commerce;
- Any translation services;
- Notarization of translations;
- Certification of documents (Apostille, etc.)
- Registration of residence permit and citizenship;

- Obtaining a work visa;

- Opening a business in Turkey and much more.

Languages ​​of activity - Russian, Kyrgyz, English, Uzbek, Turkish!


All partners work with us at reasonable prices, and the only reason is our agency's and employees’ reputation. The agency does not receive income from the activities of its partners. We value our reputation very much.


So, we are waiting for you!

For those who have read till the end we have a bonus, in the form of a GOLD COUNCIL: PLEASE do not trust your "worrying about you compatriots” who will appear in front of you as soon as you decide to buy property here.

Remember, your compatriots do nothing for free. The film "BROTHER-2" is a vivid example. Do not seek for help somewhere outside. Any of them, is an increase in the value of your apartment.