Realtor Services

The provision of services will begin almost from the first contact to us.


You can contact us by sending a message on social networks and e-mail, also by phone or to messengers.


You can ask any questions you may have. We will try to answer everything.


You will announce your budget and wishes for the apartment you are interested in. Based on these data, we will select options for you and will be waiting for you to see the property.

Upon arrival and checking into the apartment rented for you, at the time you appointed, our agents will follow you.


Despite the seriousness of the process, thanks to the professionalism of our employees, the selection of real estate and its inspection usually does not take 3-5 days.

The entire transaction process will be carried out in the presence of our employees. To complete a transaction, a certain list of documents is required, including: real estate appraisal, payment of taxes, duties, etc.


Our experts will do all the work as soon as possible. Registration and execution of the transaction is carried out in a period of 3-10 days.


Payment for property is carried out by the buyer to the seller, when re-registering the property. As a result of the transaction, you get TAPU (title document for the property). And that is all: you become the happy owner of property in the Mediterranean.