Calculation options

Sometimes, for one reason or another, nonresident customers do not bring with them the entire amount necessary to buy a property and / or the budget they have announced to buy a property.

That means that the buyer does not have the opportunity to make a deal with the property.


In such cases, the question is solved as follows.


Between the buyer and the agency, a prepayment agreement for the property is concluded with an obligation to pay the remaining amount on the agreed date. As a rule, the amount of prepayment varies from 25% to 50%. The deadline for making the remaining amount is approved by negotiation, usually no more than 20-25 days.


For example: you liked an apartment worth 60,000 euros, but you do not have the full amount to pay. You conclude a prepayment agreement in the amount of 12,000 EUR, pay the amount to the agency cash desk, and pay the rest in the amount of 48,000 EUR after 20 days.


During this time, our agents will prepare everything necessary for registration, all the documents.


While preparing the documents, our agents always check the property for debts on utilities, taxes, etc. Therefore, after receiving the documents, be sure that you will not have any problems with this.